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A Celebration of Diversity

Welcome to Heritage Press, where our vision is to make culture, diversity,
and language accessible to children (and even adults) of all ages.

Our Vision

Reading is not just a practical endeavor. It is a way to introduce children to multiple cultures and worldviews. The goal of Heritage Press is to create books and educational tools that encompass all the diversity we see in each child. We want to create content that celebrates and instills a love of diverse languages, cultures, and stories that each child can identify with on their bookshelves from the very beginning.

About Us
  • Professionally Translated

    We make it a point to hire professional translators and cultural consultants to ensure that our books are authentic to the relevant culture.

  • Bright, Colorful Photos

    The photos in every book are carefully selected for accuracy, diversity, and maximum engagement with readers.

  • Durable Quality

    We know these books are for kids! Our books are CPSIA compliant and tested for wear and tear so that they last for years to come.

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