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My First 100 Korean Words / 나의 첫 100 한국어 단어들

My First 100 Korean Words / 나의 첫 100 한국어 단어들

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My First 100 Korean Words is a children’s book that introduces important everyday words in Korean, English, and Romanized-phonetic Korean script. Written with multilingual families in mind, this book can be enjoyed by the entire family. It includes:

  • Over one hundred words in English, Korean, and Romanized-phonetic Korean
  • Words grouped into concepts that children encounter every day, such as food, vehicles, bedtime, animals, and feelings
  • Bright and colorful photographs that children can easily relate to and recognize
  • Words relevant to the Korean culture and heritage

My First Korean Words is a must-have in a child’s library for all families that want to teach their children English and Korean. The book will help children develop vocabulary and literacy skills in both languages in a fun and engaging way from their early years.


Durable board book material with glossy laminated pages

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7.5 inches x 7.5 inches

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