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My First 100 Chinese Words / 我的第一本 中文书:词汇 100 (AMZ)

My First 100 Chinese Words / 我的第一本 中文书:词汇 100 (AMZ)

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Are you wondering how you can introduce Chinese to your child right from the start? 

Look no further! My First 100 Chinese Words (我的前一百个中文词) is a bilingual board book written in Simplified Chinese, English, and Pinyin, providing families with a beautiful presentation of over 100 words that children can enjoy from their baby years and beyond. 

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn and bond together as you: 

  • Explore over 100 words written in Simplified Chinese, English, and Pinyin, making language learning fun and interactive for your children
  • Access high quality Montessori inspired photographs that help build bilingual vocabulary
  • Learn fun concepts such as feelings, vehicles, animals, and more
  • Enjoy professional translations that accurately convey each word, ensuring your child learns from the best
  • Experience the thick, durable pages perfect for those playful little hands. No more torn pages or damaged books!
  • Have the assurance that our books are safe for all readers and rigorously tested for CPSIA and ASTM F936 standard compliance 

The book offers a great way to learn Mandarin Chinese early from the most formative years. Even non-native speakers can join in the fun of learning Chinese by using Pinyin to sound out words. For families looking for books written in Chinese to add to your children's library, this book is a must-have that will introduce children to the Mandarin language and culture from the very start.

Share the gift of bilingualism with your baby, toddler, and kids from the very start, empowering them for a multilingual and global world. Start the bilingual journey now!


Durable board book material with glossy laminated pages

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7.5 inches x 7.5 inches

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