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(1ST EDITION CLEARANCE) My First Korean Alphabet / 나의 첫 한글 책 (BF)

(1ST EDITION CLEARANCE) My First Korean Alphabet / 나의 첫 한글 책 (BF)

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My First Korean Alphabet is a book for children that introduces letters in the Korean alphabet. Written with multilingual families in mind, this book can be enjoyed by the entire family. It includes:

  • A full list of vowels, consonants, and double consonants in the Korean alphabet and their sounds
  • Over one hundred words translated into English, Korean, and Romanized-phonetic Korean that serve as examples for how each letter in the Korean alphabet is used 
  • Vibrant, realistic photographs that are relatable to children and will engage them in learning words in both languages
  • Words relevant to the Korean culture and heritage

Packed with everyday words, playful colors, and diverse photographs, this book will help children develop an interest in Korean letters while also acquainting them with a wide range of vocabulary in the Korean and English languages as they grow.

NOTE: 1st edition copies will differ slightly in size and content compared to our most recent editions. All clearance items are in NEW condition.


Durable board book material with glossy laminated pages

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7.5 inches x 7.5 inches

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